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Michigan Plaza

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Michigan Plaza

Michigan Plaza


Location: Chicago, IL

Product: Customized Cassandra micro-suspension on custom oval ceiling canopy

Design: CannonDesign

Photographer: Christopher Barrett

Recipient:  AIA Chicago 2019 Design Excellence Awards

Hemera worked in close collaboration with the architect and the lighting design team at Cannon Design in Chicago to develop this award winning chandelier. The Cassandra pendant was customized to meet the lighting design team's criterias. The diameter and acrylic material of the heads were customized and Hemera engineered an LED engine specifically for this chandelier in order to have control over color and flux binning to ensure even illumination throughout all 766 heads.

The bigger challenge was to engineer the 31' X 21' irregular eliptical shape canopy with 4 hinged central panels to house and access drivers. Hemera had to get creative and develop a system that would permit the installation of each canopy panel to Unistrut rails. This method of installation allows panels to be adjusted individually and collectively in every way possible (height, angle, position) to get a perfect fit for all 42 panels. Other than the cable gripers, there are no apparent fasteners on the canopy exception being the discrete screws to open the driver access doors. Intricate maping for circuits, drivers and pendant positioning according to specific overall heights was a key element to ensure final layout outcome and performance. 

Precision and detailing is what we are most passionate about and best at executing. The chandelier won a 2019 Design Excellence Awards in the Divine Detail Award category awarded by the American Institute of Architects Chicago (AIA Chicago).